Assessment of voluntary HIV screening for asylum seekers in two Swiss cantons

Author(s) : Laure Cochand, Eric Masserey, Patrick Bodenmann, Nicolas Troillet

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Sexual and reproductive healthcare for women asylum seekers in Switzerland: a multi-method evaluation

Author(s) : Eva Cignacco, Friederike zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, Coline Sénac, Anja Hurni, Doris Wyssmüller, Jean Anthony Grand-Guillaume-Perrenoud, Anke Berger

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«Forced migration significantly endangers health. Women face numerous health risks, including sexual violence, lack of contraception, sexually transmitted disease, and adverse perinatal outcomes. Therefore, sexual and reproductive healthcare is a significant aspect of women asylum seekers’ health. Even when healthcare costs of asylum seekers are covered by the government, there may be strong barriers to healthcare access and specific needs may be addressed inadequately. The study’s objectives were a) to assess the accommodation and healthcare services provided to women asylum seekers in standard and specialised health care, b) to assess the organisation of healthcare provision and how it addresses the sexual and reproductive healthcare needs of women asylum seekers.»

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