Intention to become a citizen: do subnational integration policies have an influence? Empirical evidence from Swiss cantons

Author(s) : Salomon Bennour

Source :


« Little is known about the outcomes of integration policies on immigrants, and even less so at the subnational level. This paper scrutinizes immigrants’ responses to regional integration policies, focusing on their naturalization intentions. Multilevel analyses of Swiss cantons’ integration policy indices and a survey of immigrants indicate that inclusive integration policies are positively associated with European Union/European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) nationals’ naturalization intentions and amplify time’s positive effect on the same outcome for immigrants from less-developed countries. The findings contribute to the territorial politics literature, with their focus on subnational policies, and to the citizenship literature, given the importance of integration policies in the naturalization process. »

KEYWORDS: integration policiessubnational comparisoncitizenshipSwitzerland



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