Interkulturelle Erziehung : eine Erziehung zur universalistischen Moral : die Berücksichtigung der moralischen Dimension von Integrations- und Migrationsfragen und deren Wirkung auf die Einstellungen gegenüber Migrantinnen und Migranten

Author(s) : Konstantinidou, Triantafyllia

Source :


« This dissertation reflects the concept of immigrants’ integration from the angle of morality and justice. It discusses therefore Aristotle’s and Rawls’s theories of justice in a multicultural context and develops a fair model which understands integration as a two-way process of mutual accommodation (Mesotes) and a value system that neither discriminates immigrants nor disadvantages the host society (Maximin Strategy). Furthermore, this work illustrates the moral dimension of immigration and integration issues with semi-real stories and shows that a different framing of the issues (political, economic, moral, etc.) can lead to different attitudes and actions within a multicultural society, with people approaching immigration and integration under a moral point of view being more open and having more positive attitudes toward immigrants. This makes a moral approach within the intercultural education necessary, which finally aims at the intercultural moral person. The results of a quantitative study that took place in Switzerland with students of grade 8 confirm the assumption that moral framing of migration and integration issues explains openness and positive or negative attitudes towards immigrants and shows correlations between moral framing of migration and integration issues and other background information and skills like sex, type of visiting school, knowledge about reasons of immigration etc. »

Keywords: integration, migration, ethics, intercultural education



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