Giving birth in Switzerland: a qualitative study exploring migrant women’s experiences during pregnancy and childbirth in Geneva and Zurich using focus groups

Author(s) : J. Sami, K. C. Quack Lötscher, I. Eperon, L. Gonik, B. Martinez de Tejada, M. Epiney & N. C. Schmidt

Source :


« Migrant mothers in high-income countries often encounter more complications during pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period. The objective of this study was to explore positive and negative experiences with maternal health services in the University Hospitals of Geneva and Zurich and to describe barriers to maternity services. The study used a qualitative approach, involving 33 women aged 21 to 40 years in six focus groups. The data was analyzed, and common themes were identified. Positive experiences included the availability of maternity services, especially during emergency situations, but also the availability of specific maternity services for undocumented migrants in Geneva. Negative experiences were a lack of social support, a lack of health literacy, but also language barriers and a lack of information. »

Keywords: Maternal health, pregnancy, migrant woman, qualitative study, focus



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