Acculturation, Adaptation and Saudade Among Portuguese Migrants

Author(s) : Félix Neto

Source :


« Saudade is a psychological reaction to the absence of significant others and familiar places. This investigation examined differences in saudade in a sample of 227 Portuguese adults without migratory experience, and 202 Portuguese migrants living in Switzerland. Within the migrant group, the relation between saudade and acculturation and adaptation factors was also examined. Results indicate that migrants experienced higher levels of saudade than did non-migrants. Length of residence abroad influenced the level of saudade: the longer the time spent abroad the less saudade was felt. Acculturation and adaptation factors accounted for 44% of the explained variance in saudade. Among acculturation factors, higher Portuguese proficiency and separation, and lower assimilation predicted more saudade. Among the adaptation factors, higher sociocultural adaptation problems and lower migration satisfaction also predicted higher saudade. It is hoped that investigation on saudade continues, and suggestions are made for further research. »

Keywords: Acculturationmigrationpsychological adaptationsaudadesociocultural adaptation

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