Creating Attractive Places

Author(s) : Laure Sandoz

Source :


« The third chapter uses ethnographic and online research to examine place-branding initiatives supported by Swiss cantons to attract, welcome, and retain immigrants who are perceived as valuable. While cantonal administrations in charge of integration informally differentiate between “highly qualified expats” and “less privileged immigrants” based on markers of difference such as class and nationality, they do not want to show favouritism towards already privileged groups and tend to focus their activities on groups perceived as socially disadvantaged. Nevertheless, actors in charge of economic promotion develop strategies to foster regional development by creating services that directly target the most profitable companies. In this way, some foreign employees benefit from special treatment due to their employer’s status. Some highly educated immigrants also participate in these political processes by mobilising their cultural, social, and economic capital in order to advocate for more recognition from the state. »


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