Population ageing and a lack of semi-skilled workers in Switzerland

Author(s) : Raymond Saner, Lichia Yiu, Laurel Rush

Source : https://doi.org/10.1108/CDI-11-2018-0275



The question being discussed in this paper is how can refugees be integrated into a host country’s labour market with Switzerland serving as a case example experiencing specific local challenges, such as an aging society and gaps in the labour market, particularly relating to semi-skilled jobs in the public sector. The paper aims to discuss this issue.


This paper examines Switzerland’s intake of refugees and analyses existing refugee and labour market policies and how the integration process is being managed by the authorities and responded to by Swiss citizens.


The analysis shows that refugees can potentially find jobs in all three segments of the Swiss labour market (highly skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled labour) and provide mutually beneficial solutions for all parties concerned that include: for refugees seeking employment and asylum; for the aging population requiring care delivered by low- and semi-skilled workforce; and for public and private sector enterprises in need of qualified and motivated labour force.


This paper examines the interplay between refugees seeking work and demonstrates the importance of relating job entry by refuges with actual labour market constraints and opportunities of the host country, Switzerland.


Keywords: Refugees, Ageing, Job opportunities, Labour market dynamics


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