Teachers of immigrant origin in Switzerland: a literature

Author(s) : Rosita Fibbi

Source : http://www.unine.ch/files/live/sites/sfm/files/nouvelles%20publications/DP_30_2015_RFI_Teachers%20of%20immigrant%20origin.pdf


« The purpose of this paper is to reconstruct how the issue of teachers of immigrant origin (TIO) appeared as an important theme in the Swiss educational context and to draw a picture of the main topics developed in this frame. This paper is based on an analysis of policy documents and research conducted in Switzerland; it points at their framing as well as topics where the local scholars rely on research conducted in other countries, mainly Germany and the US. The issue of TIO appears more prominent in the Swiss German part of the country than this is the case for the French speaking region, where the topic is mainly treated under the label of
multilingualism. This unbalance is presumably also to be observed in the German and in the French literature altogether, yet it was not possible to explore this hypothesis in the frame of this paper. The paper is structured in 3 parts: the first describes the presence of TIO in Swiss schools and in teacher training institutes and discusses the reasons of the reduced presence of children of immigrants in this profession. The second part discusses how this topic came to be a legitimate issue in Swiss pedagogical literature and which aspects of this issue have gained prominence. The third part shows on the other hand which aspects are rather ignored and the plausible reasons of the present focus. »


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