The Referendum of the Revised Swiss Asylum Law in 2016

Author(s) : Philipp Niederberger

Source :


« The following paper deals with the idea of a possible policy change of actors in political coalitions due to an external event or policy-oriented learning. Therefore, the requested referendum of the revised Swiss asylum law revision in 2016 has been analyzed according to the Advocacy Coalition Framework theory. In order to get information about the position of the SVP, a qualitative content analysis of the four debates in Swiss parliament about the revision of the asylum law was performed. The idea was to find out if the European migrant crisis and the corresponding media coverage had an impact on the position of the SVP towards the new asylum law, which would provide a faster and more constitutional asylum procedure. In a second analysis the paper tried to find out the impact the evaluation testing operation of the asylum law in Zurich had on the position of the SVP. »


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