Business Ethics and Human Rights. The Industrial Involvement in the Embeddedness of the Tibetan Community in Rikon, Switzerland: A Case Study

Author(s) : Marianthe Stavridou

Source :


This case study discusses the complex socio-cultural and political dynamics of the Tibetan Diaspora in Switzerland from a multilayer perspective of history, human rights, law, international business, social and developmental economics. We focus on the village Rikon in Tösstal, Canton Zurich as an example of social embeddedness for refugees driven by the Kuhn-Rikon industry and discuss the conditions under which the Tibetan Community has been embedded and is today considered as one of the most successful diaspora communities in Switzerland. We further discuss social embeddedness and sustainability in the industrial context taking into account controversies and the historic, socio-cultural and political dimensions. This is a desk research.


Swiss economy, Embeddedness, Migration studies, Industry, Networks, CSR, Business ethics, Human rights, Political economy, International relations 



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