Influence of Teacher, Student and School Characteristics on Students’ Attitudes Toward Diversity

Author(s) : Ernesto Treviño, Consuelo Béjares, Ignacio Wyman, Cristóbal Villalobos

Source :


Schools are increasingly seen as a potential vehicle for promoting positive attitudes toward diversity and equality in different countries. However, the debate regarding the actual capacity of schools to fulfill this task, set against the role of families and individual preferences, is still open. To analyze how the characteristics of schools may shape student attitudes toward diversity in terms of gender, immigration and ethnic groups, a multilevel model that takes into consideration the characteristics of the school, such as the composition of diversity, school climate and teacher practices, and individual characteristics, such as socioeconomic background and civic interest, was used. Schools seem to have a limited leverage in promoting attitudes toward diversity, due to the fact that variance in attitudes occurs mainly within schools. The main findings are discussed in terms of research, policy and practice.


Attitudes toward diversity, International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS), International large-scale assessments, School climate, School composition 


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